Best Mp3 Player for listening music

Listening to music is a positive activity that impact on the listener. For some people, listening music is not so significant, they feel music does not bring any impact on them, but actually it does impact unwittingly to person who listen to music.

Here are some benefits of listening to music:

1. Develop our concentration and our performance

Listening to music help us boosting our mood through the day. Each person has different favourite music, some people like metal, jazz or other perhaps are happy when listening to classic music. In fact, music gives you energy to do more, for example, many gyms play upbeat music to keep your natural energy flowing.

The research studies showed that listening to your favourite Music could help us reducing bad mood.

2. Develop our concentration and our performance

Music could even help you to concentrate. This process uses two different beats on each ear, which aims to create a binaural beat and to stimulate the specific activity in the brain. By helping the brain to produce a specific wavelength, then we can induce different parts of alertness.

Some suggest a musical instrument to help us focus intently during workday or school-day.

3. Increase our ability to exercise more

Favourite song for sport is a song that has a beat matching to the tempo of the steps we walk. It makes us producing a metronomic effect on the body, which allows us run longer. Furthermore listening to certain music can actually help us to run faster. Music can provide its own spirit to the listener.

4. Removing the stress

Nearly one-third of people who listen to music aims to give a mood booster associated with the job. Listening to music while traveling to work can also help them relieve stress. Music can be a great encouragement when we feel stress. Turn on one of your favourite songs including jazz or classical music, to help calming you down and reducing anxiety.

5. Positive impact on diseases

The music is really a significant positive impact on patients with chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and respiratory. Many experiments have shown that music can help lower heart rate, blood pressure and help relieve pain, anxiety, and improve the quality of patients life who get some chronic diseases.

So let the music heal our body and soul.